Friday, November 15, 2013

Sailors of the sand

"What do you think, K'sretti*?
"i think it's dead."
"And i think you are an ass.  What killed it and how long ago?"
Ch'voga shrugged, "Only Yah knows.  Something which did not find its company agreeable.  But not very long at all, i would think.  The sand hasn't even begun to cover it."
"So it could still be close.  I wonder what it thinks of our presence then?"
"Only Yah knows.  But if it can take down a monotooth, the three of us will not provide much entertainment."
Kurga shivered, "I have no pity for monotooths, but i have no desire to know what slays them for sport either.  Have you seen enough?"
"i have."
"Prudence would suggest we sail far and fast then."
"And i would agree with her."
(*Partner; comrade-in-arms, literally: My one who guards the tail)

And a bonus image today.  A friend of mine urged me to try and color this.  i used a photoshop like program called GIMP.  i'm not too good at it as the image shows.  But hey, you can share my failings as readily as my successes.

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