Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nut Tap

Knock Knock

Willy must live near a huge oak tree.  

i struggled with this card.  The title was Nuttap.  But trying to render a hand that looked like it was only going to rap upon Willy's tree fruit proved difficult.  i still think it's one of my weakest designs.  

Guess i need to have a brief summary on each of these too:  1x5games, Matt Rowntree and Heath Flor, hired me to illustrate their new card game Nutpunch!  A game which is reputedly simple enough to play while three or four sheets to the wind.  Check them out, they have other games too by far better artists.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Twofer fer Willy's two.

Will was not good at Dodgeball.

The game is called, Nutpunch.  The name of the game... is kinda the only rule.

Two today because whilst i was traveling yesterday, i neglected to update the blog here. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Meet Willy

This is a guy i like to call Willy.  i've been playing around with Willy now for the last month or so.  (Trust me, the puns only get worse from here on out.  Pull out now if you can't take it. )  (See.)  i'm pleased to announce that i've been working with the pirates Heath Flor and Matt Rowntree, Captain and Cabin boy (i'll let them sort out which is which) of the good ship 1x5 Games to illustrate their card game (kazoo flair introduction please...)


Oh my mother will be so proud of her son.

Each day i'll be releasing a new hard hitting image out of the deck so brace yourselves, get the metal mixing bowl out of the cabinet and cover up cuz from here on out, we aim low, hit below the belt, bag prisoners and don't apologize for nuthin' to no one!  ('cept you, mum but you never wanted me to be a starving artist so...)

Please though, check out 1x5 Games, they are serious about their games even when the game isn't serious about itself.  i got to watch the test play of their flagship, Clunkers: an all ages (G-rated, no really!) co-operative, sci-fi board game that uses some amazing art from Shannon Sproule and Jenna Mauro and some little plastic bricks that a lot of us seem to like building with.  It was inspiring to watch!  Adults and kids who didn't know each other when they sat down, suddenly all working together and having a blast and talking like old friends to try and beat this game, which none did of course, (i did tell you that Heath and Matt are pirates) but that didn't stop them all from wanting to take another crack at it!  It was very, very cool!  So quit looking at my Willy and head on over!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

just some words looking for some chords

i’m just a tenant
behind on the rent
i’m just a debit
not very well spent

i’m just an employee
whose always late
making you look bad
not pulling my weight

a second hand couch
where you hate to sit
your body or style
neither i fit

And you want to replace me
with something i’m not
and you’d throw me out
but i’m all that you got

so you’re cursing your lot
and having to stand
and you’re crossing me out
as you rework your plans

and you have to stay late
to get the job done
and you do it yourself
you can’t trust anyone

and you hate coming home
hate being confronted
with the labor unending
and the job unwanted

cuz i’m just a lump
at the side of your bed
i’m just the words
that never get said

i’m too far to reach
i’m just out of sight
with your eyes screwed shut
and your arms folded tight

and you hope when you wake
you won’t find me there
and you won’t have hate me
and you won’t have to care