Sunday, April 29, 2018

just some words looking for some chords

i’m just a tenant
behind on the rent
i’m just a debit
not very well spent

i’m just an employee
whose always late
making you look bad
not pulling my weight

a second hand couch
where you hate to sit
your body or style
neither i fit

And you want to replace me
with something i’m not
and you’d throw me out
but i’m all that you got

so you’re cursing your lot
and having to stand
and you’re crossing me out
as you rework your plans

and you have to stay late
to get the job done
and you do it yourself
you can’t trust anyone

and you hate coming home
hate being confronted
with the labor unending
and the job unwanted

cuz i’m just a lump
at the side of your bed
i’m just the words
that never get said

i’m too far to reach
i’m just out of sight
with your eyes screwed shut
and your arms folded tight

and you hope when you wake
you won’t find me there
and you won’t have hate me
and you won’t have to care

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Oversight of Astrobunny

Holy crap!  i just realized i never finished posting the end of the Astrobunny Comic!  i am so sorry to anyone for whom this was the only outlet to follow it and was aching to know what happened!

So, yeah, that'd be no one.  Not.  One.

Anyway, here it is.