Monday, November 18, 2013

Prudence unfurled

"You remember the sandstorm?" 
Kurga nodded. "I thought Prudence had lost her mind when she said we were going to ride it out."
"You were probably right. During the worst of it, i thought i heard laughter over the hissing sand under the hull. i turned and there was our Prudence, veils and robes, demeanor of stone all forgotten, black curls fluttering in the uncaught wind, her eyes wet with what i can only assume would have been unbridled joy in anyone with a heart. She may have lost her mind but i think she found herself in that storm on her boat. That's the Prudy i will miss. The one i could have fallen in love with."
"It sounds like you did."
Chuvoga sipped his coffee. "Then it's truly a shame she's dead."

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