Monday, July 20, 2015

Where in the world is Hadassah?

 Not Rabbits, lil' dudes of Biblical proportions again!  This time from the book of Esther.  Apparently, Esther's kingly husband, the dude portrayed as such a GQ wuss in "A Night with the King" was none other than the same Xerxes I that was portrayed as such a effeminate badass in "300".  Personally, i'm going to go with C:  None of the above and drew him a bit more like his own coins and steles portrayed him.  But i did throw in a little spartan up in the corner to kinda remind us that Bible stories aren't stories.  They're real times and people and places which occurred in real history, places and to real people.   Context matters folks.  God took almost five thousand years to write his love letter to us, and out of all the people in all the places in all that time he chose only a handful of events and people to write about to show us something of himself or something about ourselves.  Esther's not a sidebar.  She's a witness.

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